Cathy Karrick Named KC Full-time Staff Member Of The Year

Cathy Karrick and Craig Roper, Director of Purchasing for Kaskaskia College

Kaskaskia College has announced that Cathy Karrick of Centralia has been named the 2014 Full-Time Staff Member of the Year.

Cathy Karrick began her employment at KC in 1983 as the Extension Center Coordinator at Nashville High School. In 1984, she became Community Education Assistant. In 1985, she became Public Information Specialist, and in 2003, she became Director of Public Information. Also, in 2003, she was instrumental in the development and establishment of the Kaskaskia College Sports Association (KCSA). She has also served as Volleyball coach on multiple occasions and continued her service as an extension center coordinator for several years. During her more than thirty years at the College, she been engaged in so many aspects of the College, it is hard to imagine an individual who has been involved in more.

Highlights of her career at KC include: overseeing the fundraising of the KCSA since its inception, resulting in over $750,000 being raised to the present time; starting the KICK program through Community Education; overseeing and helping to further develop the Adopt-an-Athlete program; ensuring that the College is well represented in its public relations; overseeing and continuing to enhance the Kaskaskia College Celebration of Diversity and Martin Luther King events; and the continuous development of several high quality publications in various areas of the College.

During Cathy’s employment, she has worked through many changes and transitions at the College. Despite any changes that have occurred, she has consistently carried on in a professional and quality manner and has been an anchor for the College throughout her service. In addition, she has been a leader in providing care to others, when they are in need.

Cathy was inducted into the Kaskaskia College Athletic Hall of Fame in 2011. She is married to Duane Karrick, Jr. and is the daughter of Ann Wojtowicz of Nashville and Joe and Sally Wojtowicz of Breese.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Kaskaskia College
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