City Of Greenville To Host Open House To Discuss Sewer Project

The City of Greenville will host an open house Wednesday from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. to answer residents’ questions regarding the project that would provide sanitary sewer service to all residents and businesses that are not served now within the city boundaries and some located just outside the city. Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner said the completion of the project is dependent on the interest shown.

“The sewer project will actually be finalized after we have an interest level expressed from those within the 10 to 13 areas where we propose adding sewer, which are unserved by sewer at the present time,” Gaffner told WGEL. “And the interest level would then be the factor that would help the City Council determine where the sewer should be added and installed where it presently does not exist.”

Gaffner said the city is looking at low interest loan options to fund the project. All residents are welcome to attend the come-and-go event at the Greenville Municipal Building Wednesday.

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