Estevez Named VP Of Academic Affairs

Dr. Edwin Estévez

Dr. Edwin Estévez was recently named vice president of academic affairs at Greenville College. He will begin work on July 1 to oversee the school’s faculty and academic programs.

Estévez previously served at Greenville College as assistant professor of sociology and social work and assistant dean for student success. He holds a master’s in social work from Washington University and a doctorate in educational leadership from Saint Louis University. Estévez received a bachelor’s in social work and sociology from Greenville College in 1994. His professional experience in higher education includes working for the University of South Florida to increase graduates among its Latino and minority students. He also served as assistant professor of social work at Southeastern University.

Estévez is the founder and president of ECG, a consultancy that specializes in human and resource capital development. ECG has contributed to growth management of more than $85 million over the last three years to clients in health care, education, logistics, non-profit management, non-governmental organizations and small businesses. He is an ordained minister with the Free Methodist Church of North America and has served as executive pastor for Tampa Spanish Free Methodist Church. Estévez was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and legally migrated to the United States when he was 15 years old. He and his wife, Jessica, are the parents of two daughters.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Greenville College
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