GRH Lines Up Organizational Values With Triple Aim

In their annual meeting Monday night, Greenville Regional Hospital officials told members of the Utlaut Memorial Foundation that the hospital had recently lined up their organizational values with what is called the “health care triple aim.”

Hospital President & CEO Brian Nall told WGEL more about the concept of the triple aim:

“In the health care industry, the modern approach right now is a three-pointed strategy,” Nall explained. “We call it the ‘health care triple aim’ and that’s to increase the health of the patient, the care environment, and to provide all that at a lower cost.

“So, what we did is that we lined up the triple aim strategy with our new values. So, ‘better health’ represents our service line and ‘better care’ represents our clinical line, which is improving and advancing the quality of service. And then ‘operational value’ represents the lower-cost initiative of the triple aim, so trying to reduce cost per unit of patient care.”

It was also announced during the annual meeting Monday that Greenville Regional Hospital will unveil a new website in about one month.

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