Mulberry Grove Village Has New Chief Of Police

The Village of Mulberry Grove has a new chief of police. Former Police Chief Robert Sutton resigned effective April 30 to take a full-time position elsewhere and as of May 1, Dave Dunn is the Mulberry Grove Chief of Police. Dave is a Bond County Sheriff’s Deputy and has been serving Mulberry Grove on a part-time basis for a few years.

In their meeting Monday, the Mulberry Grove Village Board passed an ordinance with a 3-2 vote raising the fee for trash collection in the village. The trash pick-up fee will increase from $13.19 to $13.54 effective July 1. The fee will increase approximately 5 percent per year to $18.11 in 2019. Dumpster fees will also increase from $35.00 to $36.00 effective July 1 for two years. The fee is $37.00 for the next two years and $38.99 for 2018 and 2019.

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