DeMoulin Artifacts On History Channel Show

Two items manufactured by the DeMoulin Brothers and owned by David Copperfield were on the History Channel show “American Restoration” Thursday night.  The show’s star Rick Dale talked with WGEL Radio’s Mike Greenwood Thursday afternoon.  Dale said Copperfield wanted to preserve the history of the two pieces that originally came from Greenville.  Dale worked on the Ferris Wheel Goat and the Knife Throwing Stunt.  Dale said he could not have done the work as close to the original pieces without the help of the DeMoulin Museum and John Goldsmith.

Dale said Copperfield was a perfectionist and he liked working with someone who is so excited to preserve these pieces of history.  The History Channel will replay the episode several times and in the next few days it will be archived on their website page linked below.

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