GES Principal Offers Tips For A Smart Summer

As students break for summer, Greenville Elementary School Principal Eric Swingler said parents may be looking for ways to help their children retain what they’ve learned over the school year. He told WGEL about some simple activities he suggests.

“First thing I would definitely recommend is having students read, whether it be reading books from home, or reading favorite magazines, newspaper articles, or internet articles,” Swingler told WGEL. “In regards to math, just a continuation of some flash cards. Just basically keeping the math facts, whether it be addition, subtraction, multiplication, division — anything related to math.

“In regards to writing, most families do take family vacations. You could ask your child to go ahead and create a little itinerary for where they’re going to be going. In addition to that, maybe completing a diary and maybe one coming back, writing a little note or a little story about their experience.”

Swingler recommended getting involved in the summer reading program at the Greenville Public Library. He also suggests using everyday activities as learning and review opportunities. Swingler says parents can help their children by letting them help prepare meals, using skills like measuring and following recipes, or discussing fractions when eating pizza.

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