Greenville College Developing Quantum Information Lab

Faculty in the Physics Department at Greenville College are hard at work developing a new state-of-the-art laboratory on campus.

“Crazy, crazy thing going on at Greenville College,” GC President Dr. Ivan Filby told WGEL. “We have a physics professor called Hyung Choi, who is originally from Korea. And he is building something called a quantum information lab. The types of things that he’s starting to explore in physics are things like on Star Trek when they used to beam people up and they’d appear in different places.  That’s what physicists are now doing — they’re getting atoms, starting one place and then they somehow appear in another place. He’s doing crazy things. We will be one of the few undergraduate programs in the whole country to have a lab like this.”

Filby said the quantum information lab is being built this summer and will be incorporated into the curricula in the fall semester. Filby said GC plans to invite area high school students to view the lab, as well.

“As a country we want people to go into the sciences,” Filby said. “We want people not to think science is something dull and boring, but something where you get to explore part of God’s incredible creation. It’s just fun.  It’s just amazing what they’re doing.”

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