Greenville Public Library Hosts STL 250 Cake

If you’ve visited St. Louis recently you’ve probably noticed decorative cake statues placed throughout the city in celebration of St. Louis’s 250th anniversary. Now, cakes are being placed in communities in the Metro East Area and Greenville will play host to one.

Volunteers installed the St. Louis Cardinals-themed fiberglass cake in front of the Greenville Public Library Monday morning.

“We’ve been selected to host one of 250 birthday cakes for the anniversary of St. Louis, Missouri and we’re really excited about that, to have a cake on display here,” Library Director Mike Westbooks told WGEL. “Ours has to do with the St. Louis Cardinals, so our community should like that. There are people who are traveling, I’ve been told, looking at all 250 of them, so it should be a great experience.”

John Goldsmith, Executive Director of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, told us the organizers of the STL 250 celebration contacted him at the Chamber office, hoping to place one of the cakes in Greenville.

“After some consideration, the Greenville Public Library, one of our most historic buildings in the community, just seemed like a natural location,” Goldsmith said. “I contacted Mike Westbrooks and met with his board. They were extremely enthusiastic about this project. So here we are today with a beautiful STL 250 birthday cake, which celebrates the Cardinals and all of the Cardinal fans, and we have a few of these in this area.”

For more on the STL 250 celebration, visit You can also download an STL 250 app to view specific information about each of the 250 birthday cakes.

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