Local Meatpacking Plant Welcomed Chinese Tourists Last Week

A group of 20 tourists from China toured Behrmann Meat & Processing in Albers last week.

“It was Ag World Exports, out of Bloomington, that brought a group in,” Owner and manager Cliff Behrmann told WGEL. “It’s all in conjunction with the World Pork Expo that’s held in Des Moines, Iowa every year.

“Usually every couple of years they’ll have a group of Chinese that want to make a tour of different plants. They went to ADM in Quincy and they came here. They were groups of farmers and there were a few that were in the meat business.  They wanted to see, basically, how the operation ran and the equipment we use and just get different ideas.”

Behrmann said it is always interesting to have international visitors and he considers it an honor and a privilege to be one of their stops.

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