National Weather Service Offers Tips For Lightning Safety

Summer is the peak season for lightning, one of the weather’s most dangerous phenomena. An average of 51 people are killed each year by lightning and many others are injured. Meteorologist Wes Browning, with the National Weather Service, shared some tips on staying safe during severe weather.

“First thing to do is just be aware of your surroundings,” said Browning.  “If you are outside in a large gathering and you see thunderheads gathering in the distance, you want to kind of keep an eye on the developing weather.  If you start to hear thunder, you definitely want to seek shelter indoors.  There is really no safe place outside in a thunderstorm.”

“You can try to minimize your risk if you are caught outside and there is nowhere to get indoors.  Look for shelter with a roof and some way to channel that lightning down into the ground.  Do not stand under trees or big towers of any kind. Those tend to be magnets for lightning.”

The National Weather Service declared this week to be Lightning Safety Awareness Week. Their slogan is “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!”

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