Unit 2 Schools Provide Active Shooting Drills For Faculty, Staff

Local law enforcement officials have been working with Bond County Unit 2 Schools since the tragedy at Sandy Hook in December 2012 to develop active shooter drills for faculty and staff. Superintendent Jeff Strieker told WGEL that there are no plans to include students in those drills this year.

“At this point in time we’ve not seen active shooter trainings taking place with students involved, other than once the faculty and staff are safely secured and trained properly,” Strieker said. “Then they can take that down a notch to teach the kids in the classroom what they would be doing.  And they would be doing hypotheticals where they would not be necessarily hearing the gunfire, etcetera, that our teachers would be hearing in the training with just teachers and faculty and staff.

“So we are not pushing the envelope that quickly as far as exposing this to the kids at this point in time.”

Strieker said Bond County Sheriff Jeff Brown has been taking walks through the schools to identify any security issues, and so far more results have been very positive.

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