Unit 2 Schools Train Faculty, Staff With Active Shooter Drills

Bond County Unit 2 Schools have been working with local law enforcement officials since the tragedy at Sandy Hook in December 2012 to develop active shooter drills.

“We have been working with local law enforcement officials and certainly Sheriff Brown,” Superintendent Jeff Strieker told us. “With that particular training behind him, he has been working with our building principals, taking walks through each of the schools, and checking on the security issues, if there are any. We’ve had some very positive reports at this point in time.

“As far as the specific active shooter training, Sheriff Brown is going to be with us at the beginning of the school year when our teachers return in August and go through some of the scenarios and things they would be looking for and will provide some additional information throughout the first half of the year. Then we’ll look for an institute day where all of our faculty and staff can be in place for the active shooter training.”

Strieker said training will be provided to faculty and staff but there are currently no plans for student drills.

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