Volunteers In The Final Stretch On Habitat For Humanity House

Bond County Habitat for Humanity volunteers working on the interior of the group's last home in Sorento.

Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity will be putting final touches on the newest house in Sorento over the next month. Eric Watterson, with the Bond County chapter of Habitat for Humanity, gave us an update on their progress.

“We had the attic insulated just the other day and had the HVAC system installed,” Watterson said. “We’re going to get some more plumbing installed as soon as we have the flooring in. Of course we can install the water heater and the toilet and things like that.

“Everything right now is pretty focused on finishing up the interior. I would anticipate over these next three to four weeks we should finish. So, tentatively, we’re looking at that early to middle part of July to really be able to say that we are done.”

Watterson said it’s not too late to volunteer to help with the house. He said volunteers are needed for final painting projects and the easy install of laminate flooring. To get involved by making a donation or volunteering call Watterson at 322-0080.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Bond County Habitat for Humanity
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