40 Home Income Based Subdivision May Be Coming To Greenville

Additional artist's renderings of proposed Windsor Home subdivision

At the recent Greenville City Council meeting, the council discussed the possibility of paying for extending College Avenue to a proposed subdivision east of Idler Lane. The developer is Windsor Homes, out of Springfield, Illinois.

The 40 homes would be small 2-4 bedroom homes on less than quarter-acre lots. The proposed area for the subdivision is 12.49 acres and would include a park in the middle of the subdivision, just over one acre in size.

windsor b

The homes could not be bought for the first 15 years but would be rented based on state income guidelines. Windsor Homes would partner with the Bond County Housing Authority. The Housing Authority would maintain the common area in the subdivision and be the first point of contact for residents.

Windsor Homes President Mike Niehaus told WGEL the proposed subdivision needs approval from the Illinois Housing Development Authority, or IHDA, and the application will be submitted by the end of July. Approval from the state could take up to 60 days. Niehaus said if approval is given, construction could start as early as Summer 2015. Niehaus said that all 40 homes would be built at once and the construction would pump millions of dollars in construction materials and construction work into the local economy as Windsor likes to use local subcontractors to complete the work; however the homes would be tax-abated and only pay around $900 in property taxes yearly.

windsor a

Niehaus stressed the homes would not be cheaply built and said they’ve been building these types of subdivision for almost 15 years. Windsor Homes built a similar subdivision in Hillsboro over a decade ago. Montgomery County Housing Authority Chief Executive Officer Kelly Moroney told WGEL they have been very happy with the Windsor Homes in Hillsboro and usually have a waiting list for residents.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of the Greenville City Council
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