Ag In The Classroom Launches Sponsorship Program

Ag in the Classroom is celebrating ten years in Bond County this year. Emily Hartmann with Bond County Soil and Water Conservation told WGEL the program is growing beyond their capacity for funding.

“Primarily, limited funds are related to limited time,” said Hartmann. “I do have a college student who works for me part time who actually helps present the lessons in the classroom.  Because of our budget, right now she has been restricted to 10 – 15 hours a week, approximately, what she is allowed to devote to in-classroom presentations.”

“If we had additional funding, we could increase the time she is in the classrooms or we could possibly hire an additional part-time student to help.  We don’t want to have to turn teachers away because we’ve already maxed out our budget for the week and we don’t have time to get into more classrooms.  That is where we are right now.”

Hartmann said to solve this problem, Ag in the Classroom recently launched a sponsorship program for individuals and businesses. To find out more about sponsorship, visit

Some of the resources used in the Ag in the Classroom program…

Ag in Class 7

Ag in Class 2

Ag in Class 3

Ag in Class 6

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