City Council Holds Short Discussion On Business Tax District

The Greenville City Council held a short discussion on the possible future of the business tax district in their meeting this week.

Early this year, the city held public hearings, hired a consulting firm, and had multiple discussions about the business tax district before deciding not to act.  Councilman Mike Heath said he’d hate to see the city go through the whole process again and then find the district doesn’t have support from the council.  City Manager Dave Willey agreed and said it may be possible to do the process without a consultant, which would save on costs.  The business tax district would raise the sales tax inside the district boundaries and the tax money would then need to be used inside the district for economic development and infrastructure improvements.  No specific district was presented and the subject is likely to come back at a future Greenville City Council meeting.

Willey also said the state and CHS may soon pay for repairs to the Fourth Street railroad crossing.  This would be good news for the city.  Mayor Alan Gaffner thanked Willey and city staff for continuing to pursue ways to get the crossing fixed and at the same time not spend city dollars on the project.

The council also approved a special event liquor license for the Greenville VFW to once again run a beer tent at the Bond County Fair.

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