County Board Hears Update On Property Tax Situation

At the Bond County Board meeting Tuesday night, State’s Attorney Chris Bauer told the board many individuals had put in considerable time looking for a resolution to the recent property tax issue in the county.

In early July it was announced Bond County was facing a $500,000 error in assessed valuation due to property taxes being assessed for Greenville Regional Hospital, a tax-exempt organization. Thirteen taxing bodies in Bond County will be affected.

Bauer said those attempting to resolve the shortfall have come up with some answers and are working through issues. He noted they are closer to a clear course of action, but are “not there yet.” He emphasized they were trying to minimize the impact “this looks it’s going to have” on the county.

Treasurer Katie Weiss reminded the board citizens are expected to pay their taxes as indicated on their current tax bill. The first installment is due July 30.

When asked if the property tax issue would be resolved by that date, Bauer said, “I hope so.”

If the Illinois Department of Revenue will allow Bond County to amend the final abstract, the county will issue new tax bills. If new tax bills are not issued, residents will see a marked increase in their property taxes next year.

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