GC Renovating Lower Armington To Become Greenville Central

Greenville College is undergoing some renovations on campus at Lower Armington, beneath the college’s dining commons.

“That’s traditionally where our student development people and admission staff have been,” GC President Dr. Ivan Filby told WGEL.  “But with some changes we’ve made, we’ve moved our admissions office into Joy House that was formerly the President’s House.  And we’re renovating Lower Armington to become what we call ‘Greenville Central’, which will be a place where students can get most of their transactional works – their housing issues, billing issues, financial aid issues, some advising issues – they can go there and get them done in one place.”

Filby said he and his wife have now moved into the former bed and breakfast near the freshmen parking lot and enjoy living in town.

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