Greenville Police Warn Of Microsoft Scam

A Greenville couple recently reported to Greenville Police that they were nearly the victim of a computer scam.

Police Chief Lou Lorton told WGEL the couple was working on their home computer when they received a call from someone with a Middle Eastern accent, claiming to represent Microsoft and saying the couple’s computer had been hacked.

“The homeowner typed in some things on the keyboard that would allow this caller to take control of the mouse,” said Lorton. “They were convinced very early on that these people were from Microsoft, until they asked for a credit card number to pay for this. Thank goodness that’s when the homeowner realized, ‘Wait a minute, we’ve always said do not, under any circumstances, give out your personal information or credit card numbers to anyone over the phone’. He declined to do that and the would-be hacker hung up then.”

Lorton said the victim will have to work with an IT company to reverse damage incurred to the computer at their own expense, but at least they didn’t fall victim of a more severe scam.

We asked Chief Lorton what to keep in mind when approached by a suspicious offer.

“Absolutely, under no circumstances give out any information over the phone,” Lorton told us. “Microsoft is not going to call you on your home phone; that’s not the way it works. When in doubt…don’t. Just hang up.”

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