Health Department Eliminates Lengthy Wait Times

The Bond County Board of Health met this week and during his activity report, Public Health Administrator Mark Ayers informed the board about an over-the-counter drug safety program the Bond County Health Department’s health educator has been conducting for residents of the Glenwood and Emerald Pointe in Greenville. 53 seniors have participated so far.

Ayers also reported that the department had a new psychiatrist on contract to ensure that patients were seen in a timely manner. Following the closure of the outpatient behavioral health clinic at Greenville Regional Hospital, Ayers said there had been a backlog of patients waiting more than 90 days to see a psychiatrist, but that wait time has now been eliminated.

The board re-elected their current set of officers. Darryl Bolen will again serve as Board Chairman, Dr. Tom Dawdy as Vice Chair, and Dr. Tracy Hall as Board Secretary.

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