Farm Bureau Hosts Annual Crop Survey

The Bond County Farm Bureau completed their 14th annual Bond County Crop Survey Tuesday.

Bond and Fayette County Farm Bureau Manager Stephanie Kraus told WGEL four teams, consisting of Farm Bureau members, local banking personnel, agribusiness representatives, and others surveyed Bond County. The results were tabulated and released that day by the Bond County Farm Bureau.


The survey of Bond County’s corn crop resulted in an average yield of 171.82 bushels per acre with samplings ranging between 127 bushels to 240 bushels per acre. The yields were up from the 2013 average, 162.28 bushels per acre. The soybean crop had an average yield of 44.86 bushels per acre with samplings ranging between 20 bushels to 62 bushels per acre. The soybean yields were up from the 2013 average of 34.19 bushels per acre. The survey results showed that even though analysts and other experts are expecting high yields, resulting in a large corn crop, the yields are not as high as what is being predicted. Some areas of the county received more rain, and therefore can expect some higher yields. The areas of the county that didn’t receive as much rain can expect some fields with lower yields. Overall, this year’s survey has resulted in the highest average for yields since the crop survey was started.

According to the Farm Bureau, over the last 13 years the average yield survey for corn has been 128.39 bushels per acre. The USDA average for the same 13 years was 127.84 bushels per acre. The average from the crop survey for the soybeans in the past 13 years has been 34.96 bushels per acre, while the USDA average has been 37.69 bushels per acre.

Bond County Farm Bureau representatives expressed thanks to everyone who participated in the survey of Bond County fields.

For more information about the Bond County Crop Survey contact the Bond County Farm Bureau office at 618-664-3100.

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of the Bond County Farm Bureau
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