Greenville College Kicks Off Fall Semester Wednesday

Greenville College will welcome students back to their first day of class Wednesday. WGEL spoke with Michael Ritter, Vice President of Enrollment at Greenville College, about enrollment this semester.

“Enrollment is really close to what we had last year,” Ritter told us. “We’ll have probably just under 1,000 students on campus this fall and a few hundred more in our online programs at the graduate level and at partner campuses around the state.”

Ritter also told us about new technologies and programs in place this semester.

“A lot of the stuff that we’ve done with welcoming new students has been new this year,” Ritter said. “We revamped a lot of that program to try to make it even more exciting and engaging for the students that we’re welcoming to campus.

“They spent Monday doing service projects in East St. Louis connected to the school district there and the Jackie Joiner Kersey Center, among some other non-profits. It was a really big success; we heard great feedback from the students. They had dinner with alumni in the St. Louis area. We really want new students, even as they’re first coming to take college-level classes, we want them to get a picture about where this experience could take them and what kind of vision they have for their future. So we’re really excited about giving that to them early and we’ve had great feedback from the students about that.”

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