Second Man Sentenced In Highland Bradford National Bank ATM Robbery

Alexander P. Gerth

The second man involved in the Valentine’s Day robbery of the Bradford National Bank ATM in Highland has been sentenced in federal court.

18 year old Alexander P. Gerth, of Troy, Michigan, will serve 57 months in prison. His co-defendant, 22 year old Ramsey Z. Fakhouri, also of Troy, Michigan, was sentenced last month to 78 months in prison.

Ramsey Z. Fakhouri
Ramsey Z. Fakhouri

Fakhouri’s girlfriend who worked at the bank in Highland unwittingly gave details about bank procedures in stocking their ATM to Fakhouri. Gerth and Fakhouri drove all night from Michigan to Illinois and waited for the bank to open. When an employee came out to fill the ATM, Gerth, masked and armed with an air gun that appeared to be a traditional firearm, forced the employee to give him $25,780 from the ATM. Gerth returned to the car, which Fakhouri drove away from the bank.

An ATM security photo taken of Gerth during the Valentine's Day robbery
An ATM security photo taken of Gerth during the Valentine’s Day robbery

On February 16 Fakhouri approached Highland Police to try and convince them that he had not been involved in the bank robbery. After being placed under arrest, he admitted that he and Gerth had come from Michigan to rob the bank. Gerth was arrested in Michigan; the air gun that he had used in the robbery was still in his backpack.

Police were able to recover most of the money that Gerth and Fakhouri stole.

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