Farm Safety Week Tips

It’s National Farm Safety Week and harvest is underway in our area. Previously we shared some safety tips for motorists to keep in mind when farm implements are on the roadway. But, Bond and Fayette County Farm Bureau Manager Stephanie Kraus told us farmers need to keep safety in mind, too.

“The main thing is to know your tractor, its implements, and how they work,” said Kraus. “It’s also important to be alert when you’re operating this equipment. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Take a break if you need to.

“It’s important to follow any kind of warning decals that have been put on the tractor — they’re there for a reason. Equip the tractor with a rollover protective structure and wear your seatbelt. Inspect the tractor and equipment for any potential hazards and make sure they’re corrected before operating it.

“If something would break down while you’re out in the field, make sure you shut down the equipment and turn off your engine and wait for all moving parts to stop before you start working on it. It’s also important to follow the ‘one seat, one rider’ rule.”

Kraus reminds farmers to make sure all implements that travel on roadways are marked with a reflective slow-moving vehicle emblem.

For more information on farm safety, contact the Bond County Farm Bureau Office at 664-3100.

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