Escaped Vandalia Prison Inmate Recaptured

Marcus Battice

Marcus Battice, the inmate who escaped from the Vandalia Prison Tuesday afternoon, has been recaptured by the Illinois State Police this morning around 7:30AM. According to IDOC spokesman Tom Shaer, Battice was spotted by an ISP patrol near mile marker 64 near I-70 walking down a gravel frontage road. Battice was caught only about 3.5 miles away from the Vandalia Prison where he allegedly escaped from Tuesday afternoon.
Illinois State Police
Battice was still wearing his prison uniform when he was recaptured and was taken into custody without incident.

Battice was transported back to Vandalia prison where he will be given a health exam, and then immediately transferred to the maximum security prison in Pontiac Illinois where he will be held apart from the general population as an former escapee according to Shaer.


Before the escape Battice was going to eligible for parole in January of 2015, and was serving a sentence for illegal possession of a stolen vehicle.

Over 12 local and state agencies were involved in the search, including an ATV from the Greenville Fire Protection District and a portable light tower from the Mulberry Grove Fire Protection District. Four canine units were also used during the search. More information is likely to be released by the IDOC later today.

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