Greenville City Council Approves Large Sewer Expansion

The possibility of sewer expansion through a low interest loan from Rural Development has been a topic of discussion at Greenville City Council meetings for some months. The final approval from Rural Development for the loan and approval from the City Council came at Tuesday night’s regular meeting.

The loan will be for $4.85 million at an interest rate of 3.25%. The final cost of the sewer expansion project will be around 4.9 million. In an effort to get part of the sewer work done sooner, the council waived the bid requirement for the sewer extension on 4th street toward Highway 40. City Manager Dave Willey said there is development waiting to happen on that end of 4th street and fast-tracking that portion of the sewer expansion would allow business to go forward faster.

The vote to approve the loan was unanimous and the vote to waive the bid requirement passed 3-1 with John Gillard voting no. The rest of the sewer project will likely be bid in the spring with construction starting in late spring or summer. The 4th street portion could be done this fall depending on the weather.

The city also got their audit report from Scheffel Boyle. The auditors gave the city a clean report and said city finances are in good shape.

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