Health Board Discusses Flu & Pneumonia Vaccine Fees

In their meeting Monday night the Bond County Board of Health discussed continued HVAC and power generator issues the health department is experiencing. Public Health Administrator Mark Ayers said he is working with engineers and the HVAC company to explore options.

Flu vaccine prices at the health department this year will be $30 for the regular dose and $38 for the high dose vaccine. The fee of $38 is a $3 increase over last year’s fee. The pneumonia vaccine will be available for $70 this year, an increase of $5 over last year. The increases were necessitated by an increase in the cost to the health department. Flu vaccinations will be available towards the end of September. Additional information will be announced soon.

Ayers also indicated that even though it has been detected in Madison County, no West Nile Virus activity has been found in Bond County.

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