Lost And Found Ministries Presents Addiction Awareness Event

Lost and Found Ministries in Greenville will present an Addictions Awareness event Sunday, September 28 at 6:00 p.m. at the Greenville High School football field.

“As many of you know, addictions are tearing up many people’s lives and it’s happening right here in our community,” Chris Harnetiaux, with Lost and Found Ministries, said. “They’re not always the traditional addictions like drugs, alcohol, gambling; there are also sexual addiction and things like eating disorders. So often there is shame that goes along with that, which keeps people from getting the help they need and keeps families from getting the healing they need.

“On September 28 we will have a night with people sharing how they’ve come through addictions or how they’ve dealt with family members who have had addictions and how they’ve come through that and found healing on the other side.”

Those attending the event should enter the athletic complex through the turnstiles. For more information, call 217-710-6900.

SOURCELogo courtesy of Lost and Found
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