Max Aten Retires After Many Years With Unit 2 School District

Max Aten on his last day Wednesday.

Max Aten, Transportation Director for the Bond County Unit 2 School District, retired at the conclusion of the school day Wednesday afternoon.

WGEL spoke with Unit 2 Superintendent Jeff Strieker just after school ended Wednesday and he said it was an end of an era.

“Certainly, today for everyone who has been a part of Bond County Unit 2 and has witnessed the magic provided by Max Aten as it pertains to our transportation system, you’ve heard him say many times that he thinks about the kids and transporting them ‘every day of the world’,” Stieker told us. “Today was his last time calling in to Sherry to ‘ring that bell’. As we would say, it was the last day of ‘every day of the world’ for Max as he is retiring from the transportation department of Unit 2. Certainly we lose a colleague and a very good friend and most certainly a friend to education.”

Strieker noted that Aten taught school in the Bond County Unit 2 School District for many years and held several positions prior to his most recent role as Transportation Director.

“He was a teacher and principal at Sorento for a number of years,” Strieker said. “We were talking about that yesterday. He certainly has put his fingerprint on the district. While we say farewell to him as far as being a full time employee of our district, we’ll welcome him back every time we can see him.”

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