Mulberry Grove Village Board Approves Equipment Repairs

At their meeting Monday, the Mulberry Grove Village Board approved repairs to several pieces of village equipment. Emergency lights on the roof of the police car need replacement. A slightly used set is available for $500.00 and installation will cost another $200.00. The board approved the purchase and replacement of the current lights with a newer light bar for $700.00. $2,000.00 was appropriated for repairs on the village dump truck. Board members approved removal of broken piping and pipe repairs at a sewer lift station on South Street. Repairs are estimated to cost $4,000.00. Approval was given for the purchase of a new gear box for the deck of the village mower for $1100.00. Village maintenance employees plan to replace the gear box.

Adam Gerstner, representing the engineering firm of HMG, attended the meeting and presented the street maintenance program for this year. Street repairs and oiling were approved for a cost of $16,150.00.

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