Halloween Safety Tips For Drivers & Trick-Or-Treaters

This Halloween, little ghosts, goblins, witches, and vampires will be taking to the streets in search of tricks and treats. Sgt. Deb Keserauskis at the Greenville Police Department gave WGEL some safety tips and tricks for motorists.

According to the CDC, the potential for automobile related accidents with young pedestrians increases four times on Halloween. Drivers often become distracted watching their own children and do not see other kids or cars in the area. Pay extra attention to crosswalks, intersections, and the side of the road. Scan around as you drive, drive extremely slow, and do not use your cellphone or other electronic device.

The Greenville Police Department has some safety recommendations for trick-or-treaters:

Parents or a responsible adult should accompany small children and only go to homes with porch lights on. Children should go in groups and confine their activity to familiar neighborhoods. Costumes should contain reflective material and masks should not restrict vision. Avoid costumes and props with sharp or pointed edges. Cross streets only at intersections after looking both ways and always carry flashlights or glow sticks. Children should not accept treats from strangers and not eat any treats until they are inspected by parents. Notify the police department immediately at 664-2131 if suspicious treats are found.

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