Fire Fighters Spend Fire Prevention Week With Area Kids

Greenville Fire Captain Mike Waugh shows a smoke detector to Greenville Elementary students

Last week was National Fire Prevention Week and Greenville firefighters spent much of the week with local children. We spoke with Assistant Fire Chief Mike Waugh about the information they share with kids.

“National Fire Prevention Week is the first full week in October every year and we make the rounds to local elementary schools, day cares, preschools, and talk to the kids about fire safety,” Waugh told us. “We introduce them to smoke alarms and what to do if they hear a smoke alarm; to get out of their house and stay out. To have a planned escape route and a planned meeting place so families can verify that everyone is out of the house. And other fire safety stuff you hear all the time; stop-drop-and-roll and if you find matches or a lighter, give them to a grown up, don’t touch them. Just stuff like that to help keep them safe.”

The Greenville Fire Protection District provides tours of the firehouse and offers presentations to clubs, classes, and other groups. For more information, call the firehouse at 664-4265 and leave a message.

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