Firefighters Make Use of KPD Playground Equipment

Greenville firefighters used an unconventional training prop at their most recent monthly training session.

Firefighters practiced hose and nozzle advancements, search techniques, and entry issues on the jungle gyms in the playground area of Patriot’s Park. Crews said the jungle gyms provide unique challenges, such as limited access points due to oddly shaped ladders; the bridge, which was unstable when firefighters crawled across; and enclosed slides, which became confined spaces. Officials said kids make it look simple, but the firefighters had difficulty when crawling, pulling a full fire hose, and wearing 75 pounds of protective gear and air packs.

To add an additional degree of difficulty, firefighters had their air masks “blacked out” using contact paper, resulting in zero visibility.

The Greenville Fire Protection District expressed their appreciation to the Kingsbury Park District for allowing them to train on the playground.

kpd fire 6

Contact paper on firefighter's mask to simulate zero visibility
Contact paper on firefighter’s mask to simulate zero visibility

kpd fire 3

kpd fire 4

kpd fire 5

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of the Greenville Fire Protection District
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