Parent Tips For Halloween Safety

Trick or treat weather forecast and graphic courtesy of the National Weather Service

Before you take your child to all of the prime candy locations this Halloween, be sure you follow these simple safety tips from Sgt. Deb Keserauskis at the Greenville Police Department.

In many areas, people drive their kids into subdivisions and the children walk from house to house while the parents follow behind them in a car. This can cause traffic jams in small areas and can be confusing for the children. Sometimes, they don’t know which car is their car. They run the risk of entering into the wrong vehicle and encountering a stranger.

One way to avoid this is to place something unique in your car to differentiate it from the other vehicles. For example, a small lighted pumpkin placed in your car can act as a beacon for your child when they are looking for their family.

Keserauskis also reminds parents to check all of your child’s Halloween candy before you allow them to eat any of it.

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