Frank Thompson Returns To GC For Honors

Longtime Greenville resident Frank H. Thompson, emeritus professor of philosophy and religion at Greenville College, will return to the Greenville College campus Friday, October 24 to receive honors at a special colloquium hosted by the department he chaired for 25 years. Members of the Greenville community are welcome to attend.

Thompson 1

The event will take place at 2:30 p.m. in Dietzman Center, Room 101. Brian Hartley, former student of Thompson’s, will speak. Hartley currently serves as dean of the School of the Liberal Arts and Sciences and professor of religion at Greenville College.

Hartley and other scholars guided through the years by Thompson have contributed essays to a bound volume of writings currently in production. The tribute borrows from the tradition known as Festschrift (fest = celebration; schrift = writing). The 20 contributors to this Festschrift include former students and colleagues of Thompson’s, who have drawn inspiration from his work. Many have achieved distinction in their respective fields and gone on to author books and articles.

For more information about this event, contact the Office of College Advancement at 618.664.6500. To learn more about the Festschrift tribute to Thompson, including how to order a copy or support the project as a contributing underwriter, visit

SOURCEPhotos courtesy of Greenville College
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