Greenville Mayor On Closing Of Alco

Alco Stores announced they would be closing nearly 200 stores nationwide, including their Greenville location. Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner told WGEL that the closure is a sad event for our community, but it part of a trend impacting rural communities throughout the Midwest.

“It’s always disappointing when there is a loss of a business or retail outlet within a community,” Gaffner said. “Certainly, Alco has been one of the newer additions to shopping availability in our community. It’s a sad day when the opportunity to keep sales local and increase the local sales tax is no longer possible at a specific location.

“As all of these stores close across the country, many similar-sized communities to Greenville will be impacted, and that’s a reflection of the slow pace of recovery in the Midwest and in rural communities.”

Mayor Gaffner told WGEL the City of Greenville will do everything possible to assist in filling the retail space that will soon be left vacant by the closing of Alco.

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