Reitz Calls Election A Success, Wishes For Higher Turnout

With the 2014 election behind us, Bond County Clerk Randy Reitz is reflecting on this year’s process and says he counts it a success.

“The general election of 2014 is over. Many of us can give a sigh of relief, especially my hardworking election judges,” Reitz said. “This was one of the elections where we didn’t know what was going to happen. There were many options for provisional voting, for grace voting, and everything else.

“It seemed to be a fairly steady day all day, but my judges handled it. The machines worked as they were supposed to. They came into our office at the end of the evening right on schedule.

“Overall, I’m pleased with what happened; I’m very pleased with my judges and the way things turned out.”

While Reitz said the election went well, he also told WGEL he had hoped for a higher voter turnout than the 40.97 percent that made it to the polls.

“Unfortunately, the downside to this election was, again, my idea of what the turnout should be. I think there was more advertising spent on this election than ever before. Millions and millions and millions of dollars were spent on advertising and I thought we would definitely have more than 50 percent turnout.

“No matter what the numbers are looking like, 40.97 percent is not a very good turnout. I would just hope that everybody would take the opportunity; it’s one of our civil rights. I hope that when next election comes, more people get involved and make us work a lot harder.”

Reitz said the early, absentee, and grace voting is gaining in popularity. 857 such ballots were cast in Bond County this year, amounting to 20 percent of the total voter turnout.

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