BNB Encourages Shoppers To “Go Local”

Bradford National Bank's Frank Joy addresses Greenville Chamber of Commerce members about BNB's "Go Local" program

Bradford National Bank is urging you to “Go Local” Wednesday, December 17.

“We are very excited about our initiative this year to assist local businesses with a program that we’re calling Go Local,” Frank Joy, with Bradford National Bank, told WGEL. “We’re encouraging all of our staff and all Chamber members’ staff to get out and shop on December 17 here in Greenville and to go out to eat, support local restaurants, our local retail stores, and do your Christmas shopping right here in town.

“We encourage everybody to participate on that day and, really, throughout the Christmas season.”

Joy said if local businesses have a good holiday season, it will be a positive benefit for the community as a whole.

SOURCEPhoto courtesy of Bradford National Bank
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