Bond County The First In State To Use E-Citation Program

Retiring Bond County Circuit Clerk Rex Catron

Bond County is the first county in the State of Illinois to be approved to use a new e-citation program, where city police and county deputies can issue electronic tickets.

“About four years ago the legislature passed a low that allowed us to collect $5 off some kinds of tickets to go to help fund an electronic citation program, which is where officers write tickets on a computer or hand-held device, instead of doing them by hand, and those will be transmitted to the court record-keeping system electronically,” Bond County Circuit Clerk Rex Catron told WGEL. “There are some real advantages as far as speed, cost, accuracy, and timeliness. We hope to go live with it by the end of January.”

Catron said the new program should result in some savings for the county, thanks to the efficiency and lack of paperwork with the new system. Plus, it will enhance safety for officers who will be able to spend less time on the roadside.

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