Corps Of Engineers Reminds Of Obligation To Hunter Ethics

The US Army Corps of Engineers is reminding hunters of their obligation to practice ethical and safe hunting while in the field. The Corps says while your personal ethics might not match your neighbors, certain guidelines do pertain to all hunters.

Trespassing leads the list of illegal and unethical practices by hunters. Hunters must obtain permission from the landowner or tenant before entering private property whether or not the land is posted or fenced. When hunting on boundaries of public land, it is unlawful to shoot an animal on or across the adjacent private property of another landowner without permission. If a hunter shoots an animal, Illinois law does not grant the right of trespass for the purpose of retrieving wounded or crippled game without the permission of the landowner.

Another serious concern, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers is the haphazard disposal of animal carcasses. Many hunters who have harvested animals reportedly dump the carcasses in creeks, along roadsides and parking lots, and in areas where remains are visible to the general public. It is also illegal to dump carcasses on public grounds.

If you have any questions concerning hunting rules and regulations, call the Carlyle Lake Project Office at 594-2484.

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