Greenville Mayor On Future Of Alco Location

As you’ve heard on WGEL, Alco Stores recently announced the closure of its 200 stores, including locations in Greenville and Hillsboro.
WGEL recently spoke with Greenville Mayor Alan Gaffner about the future of that location.

“As a city we will certainly do all we can to try and assist the filling of that space,” Gaffner said. “There are leases and other types of contractual arrangements that will be in place that we are trying to investigate and explore, to be able to determine what might be the next potential use for that building. Those are some of the findings that are yet to be determined and as those are known, we’ll be able, then, to set a strategy.”

Mayor Gaffner also told us about some of the incentives the city can offer businesses to hopefully fill the space.

“We’ll do all we can as a city to try to indentify the next client for that space,” Gaffner told us. “That’s why I’m pleased that we have tools to offer throughout our community; with the creation of the TIF districts that we have in place, with the enterprise zone that’s in place, with the program we have that offers financial contribution per job created.

“We’ve tried to really be proactive in having incentives available that would not only let us bring new retail outlets to Greenville, but also to refill existing spaces.”

A specific date for the closing of Alco has not been announced.

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