Lake Raymond Estates To Host Fireworks On New Year’s Eve

Lake Raymond Estates in Greenville will ring in the New Year with a fireworks show that is open to the public.

Jim Zeeb told WGEL this is the ninth year for the fireworks show. Zeeb said he has several experts lined up to coordinate the display. The show is choreographed to music, which you can hear on WGEL 101.7 FM.

“Initially we started as a show just for the residents of Lake Raymond, but upon going to a musically choreographed format, the show became a little more intense and we thought it would be an opportunity to take it public,” Zeeb said. “Kind of like the ball dropping in New York, you know, we in Bond County need something like that, so we went for it.”

You can view the fireworks from your car Wednesday night; just head out to Lake Raymond Estates and tune in to WGEL.

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