Brutally Cold Temperatures Heading Our Way Wednesday

This graphic, posted Monday evening by the National Weather Service, offers a timeline for the frigid temperatures heading our way.

The National Weather Service says brutally cold temperatures are heading our way mid-week.

“We’ve had several rounds of cold air penetrating the nation’s midsection over the last week or two and we have several more, and stronger, bouts of cold air heading our way,” Meteorologist Scott Truett told WGEL. “The really intense cold air will be surging across the area Tuesday night into Wednesday morning and it looks like by daybreak Wednesday, we’re probably looking at temperatures in the single digits.

“That, by itself, is cold enough, but the winds are going to be very strong as well; probably out of the northwest at 15-20 miles per hour. When you combine those single-digit temperatures with those strong winds, we’re going to have wind chills in your area probably somewhere between 15 to 20 degrees below zero. That’s the kind of cold you have to prepare for. If you’d be caught outside without warm clothing that could cause some health concerns for you.”

Stay tuned to WGEL for up-to-date weather information, direct from the National Weather Service.

SOURCEGraphic courtesy of the National Weather Service
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