Chamber Directors And Officers Elected

The Greenville Chamber of Commerce has seated its directors and elected officers for 2015. Because there were no petitions submitted during the filing period last fall, the slate of five incumbents was re-elected. These individuals, who will serve a three year term, are Robert Ellsworth, Karen Kessinger, Steve Morgan, Troy Oldham, and Michael Ritter.

Other Chamber board members are Doug Stroud, Janice Romack, Pat Kious, Jerri Davenport, Dave Willey, John Kennedy, Alan Gaffner, Brian Nall, Jim Cross, and Mike Diaz.

Elected officers for 2015 were Michael Ritter, President; Mike Diaz, Vice President; Janice Romack, Secretary; and Robert Ellsworth, Treasurer.

SOURCELogo courtesy of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce
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