County Board Hosts Assessments Consultant

The Bond County Board held a special session Tuesday morning to hear a report from Mark Folkerts of Tyler Technologies, an appraisal service based in Ohio. City Manager Dave Willey, Greenville City Council members, Supervisor of Assessments Georgia Shank, numerous township assessors, and local realtors were in attendance.

Folkerts provided information on services offered by Tyler Technologies, including data and image collection and commercial and industrial valuation. The theme of the presentation was equitability in assessments throughout the county. Folkerts said he had visited Bond County several months ago and found several issues with the few property assessments he reviewed at that time.

Many in attendance commented on the issue of over-assessments in the county. Other comments from the audience included the workload on the supervisor of assessments, particularly considering the fact that Shank is new in that role, and the fact that 2015 is the quadrennial year for Bond County.

The county’s assessments are to be filed in June. Folkerts said he would not be able to perform the necessary work in that amount of time. He also pointed out that the assessments could either be conducted all at once during the quadrennial year, or the county could perform one quarter of the assessments each year for four years.

Folkerts spent the afternoon reviewing the county’s assessments and will visit properties throughout the county through the day Wednesday to compare how the two match up. He told WGEL he expects to have a proposal, including pricing options, to the county by mid-February.

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