Fayette County Sheriff Talks About Bond County Connection

Chris Smith was elected Fayette County Sheriff last November and has been sworn in and is now on the job. We spoke with Sheriff Smith about how the new job is going.

“The transition is going really great,” Smith told us. “We’re making some positive changes in the department. We’ve got a lot of great plans.

“We have one K9 unit and we’ve had another puppy donated to us. It’s five months old now. We have plans to add a second K9 unit to our department. He’ll go to training in August. That’s one of the good, positive things we’ve got going now.”

Sheriff Smith told us about his connection to Bond County.

“I grew up in Greenville and went to school with Sheriff [Jeff] Brown and always looked up to him,” Smith said. “I’m definitely excited to be sheriff in the next county over. I’ve been getting a lot of good advice from Jeff. My father was a state trooper, so the police thing has always been in my blood. I’ve reached a good plateau and am happy where I’m at now. I’m looking forward to serving the people of Fayette County.”

Smith started his career as a deputy in Fayette County in 2001. In 2003, Smith became the first I-70 patrol officer in Bond County.

Former Greenville Police Chief John Knight, Sheriff Smith's mother Anne Smith, and Fayette County Sheriff Chris Smith
Former Greenville Police Chief John King, Sheriff Smith’s mother Anne Smith, and Fayette County Sheriff Chris Smith
SOURCEPhotos courtesy of Lori File
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