Greenville Man Reunited With Father’s Lost Purple Heart

Colonel Lou Cotton with his father's medals, including a Purple Heart

A Greenville man was recently reunited with a Purple Heart awarded to his father in World War II.

Lou Cotton, himself a retired Colonel with the United States Air Force, will be our guest on Public Affairs this Sunday on WGEL, to tell the story of his father, Lieutenant Colonel Louis H. Cotton, Sr. and the missing Purple Heart.

“Basically, he worked with the paratroopers,” Cotton told us. “He helped organize and train paratroopers from the very beginning. That included the big invasion in Normandy. He was there; he was a jumper. After he taught the guys how to do it, he was one who went in and jumped. He was wounded in the leg. They sent him to England to recuperate. He received the Purple Heart and then went back into combat. He left the Purple Heart and it got lost.”

Tune in to WGEL’s Public Affairs Sunday, January 25 to hear how the Purple Heart found its way home along with some fascinating stories about the 101st Airborne Division during World War II, a unique family connection to the Nuremberg Trials, and more. Join us for a conversation with Colonel Lou Cotton this Sunday, right after the 12:05 Bond County Area News.

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