Greenville Pilots Association Holds Annual Meeting

Recognizing Craig Baumberger (left)

The Greenville Pilots Association held their annual breakfast meeting at the airport Saturday morning and recognized the good work of several individuals, including outgoing president Craig Baumberger and members Dave Royer and Tammy Ritzheimer.

Association member Bob Gaffner, a longtime Greenville resident and former Air Force pilot, told WGEL the airport is a community asset.

“You hear about a lot of things that go untold here in Greenville,” Gaffner said. “One of those stories is the Greenville Airport. It’s really quite a facility. It’s able to handle corporate jets, like from United Stationers and Carlisle [Construction Materials]. It’s a good, good airport. That’s one of the things that industry looks at when they come to Greenville. They look at the hospital, they look at Greenville College, they look at our education system, and then they look at the airport.”

Recognizing Dave Royer (left)
Recognizing Dave Royer (left)



SOURCEPhotos courtesy of the Greenville Pilots Association
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