Small Plane Crash in Kentucky Kills 4 from Illinois, 7 Year Old Survives

According to CBS a small Piper PA-34 aircraft crashed Friday night near Kuttawa Kentucky. On board were family members from Nashville Illinois Marty and Kimberly Gutzler, 9 year old Piper Gutzler, 7 year old Sailor Gutzler and 14 year old cousin Sierra Wilder. All but 7 year old Sailor was killed in the plane crash as the family flew back to Illinois from Florida. According to CBS the plane lost contact with air traffic controllers around 5:55PM Friday night after reporting engine trouble.

After surviving the crash 7 year old Sailor got herself out of the plane wreckage and walked to a nearby home. Sailor walked through about a mile of woods and thick briar patches in short sleeves, shorts and no shoes in near freezing temperatures to reach a nearby house. When she came to the home of Larry Wilkins and found help by knocking on their door. Wilkins reported that Sailor said she was in a plane crash and that her parents were dead and the plane was upside down. The Gutzler family ran a furniture store in Nashville for generations.

Donations for Sailor Gutzler are being collected at and the Campagna funeral home in Nashville is in charge of the arrangements.